Baseball and Softball Season Ending

Aaron Olague, Writer

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For both the Steer Baseball team and the Lady Softball team, it has been a long and hard fought road during the season, but only one moved on to playoffs. The Lady Steers season has been filled with adversity and a series of roster changes. The team went 3-5 in district, beating the Sweetwater Mustangs to make playoffs. They made it past the first round to play the Vernon Lions and lost by 9-2 and are now out of the playoffs. Despite the loss, the Lady Steers are going to get better next year in hopes to go further in the playoffs.

“I feel accomplished that we made it to playoffs with all we’ve been through and all the drama and adversity,” said Catcher Cierra Martinez.

The Steer Baseball team had a score of 2-6 going into district. However, the team doesn’t think the record tells the full story of the season.

“It has been a successful year, we eliminated a lot of errors during the year, we had a chip on our shoulder all throughout the season when everyone thought we were going to shut down when the going got tough and we never did,” said Head Coach Daniel Carrillo.

Both teams’ have hopes that they will set the tone and culture for teams coming up in the later year.

 Baseball and Softball Roster 

Baseball Varsity-

  • Elijah Munoz-#1
  • Kobe Gutierrez-#2
  • Noah Gonzales-#3
  • Jason Miramontez-4
  • Aaron Olague-#5
  • Luke Edwards-6
  • Bryson Van Vleet-#7
  • Riley Henson-#8
  • Brett Berringer-#10
  • Edward Aguilar-#11
  • Brayden Sizenbach-#12
  • Jeremiah Cooley-#14
  • Tristan Myrick-#15
  • Cameron Mikels-#17
  • Brantz Burchett-#18
  • Matthew Tarrats-#21

Softball Varsity-

  • Cierra Martinez-#13
  • Ashley Gonzalez-#11
  • Jaci Aguilar-#6
  • Kamri Kemper-#2
  • Alexis Starr-#10
  • Kynleigh Joy-#9
  • Amber Martinez-14
  • Leah Davila-#17
  • Logan Terrazas-#7
  • Jayden Mann-#1
  • Abby Luna-#3
  • Denise Medina-#4


A special thank you to Coach Daniel Carrillo and Chelsea Jordan for a great season.

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Baseball and Softball Season Ending