“A Night of One Acts” Was a Success!

Scott Cantrell, Writer

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On Saturday, May 13th, Big Spring High School hosted “A Night Of One Acts”. This event allowed Big Spring Intermediate, Big Spring Junior High, and Big Spring High School to share their love for Theatre by performing multiple plays for the Big Spring community.

Big Spring Intermediate performed two plays, with “Once Upon A Mayflower,” and “The Armadillo’s Choice.” Big Spring Junior High performed the full length one act, “Check Please!” while Big Spring High School performed five plays, including “Gossip!”, “Tarantino Variation”, “Bad Friends”, “Almost, Maine” and “Rednecks v.s. Aliens.”

The stage manager of the event, Brayan Talamantes, shared his experience of working for this event.

“I would have to say that ‘A Night of One Acts’ is hectic, fun and crazy,” Talamantes said. “But it’s all worth it because you get to work with a bunch of different people, and you get to see all the hard work they put into their play, and the audience can experience that with you too.”

Talamantes also shared what his favorite part of the process to get the show just right for the audience.

“My favorite part is getting to interact with all the new people,” Talamantes said, “and getting to watch their shows, and see their hard work.”

Talamantes was not just the stage manager of the event, he also had a role in one of the plays.

“I stage managed all of the shows,” Talamantes said, “and I also worked with my incredible cast, and our director, and we performed our own play [Rednecks v.s. Aliens]. Being stage manager involves a bunch of jobs, so there wasn’t much I didn’t do.”

“A Night of One Acts” also got a successful audience turnout thanks to the community.

“I thought the audience turnout was great!” Talamantes said. “There was a lot of people who came out to support their children, and not just their child, they also came out to support all the Theatre departments which is a wonderful experience to have.”

Big Spring Intermediate, the Junior High and the High School worked really hard on this event, and it shows by the audience turnout that this won’t be the last year of “A Night of One Acts”.

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“A Night of One Acts” Was a Success!